Backgammon Strategies To Try In A Casino

There are so many backgammon strategies that can advance you to victory in this game. There are, in fact, several approaches, simple and basic, to get the most out of your Online Backgammon games.

It is not always advisable, for example, to attack the opponent with every single move; as well as, in some cases, beginners will try to avoid getting hit at any cost, which has disadvantages.

In the list and descriptions that we present below, you will find a selection of different aspects of the game that you will need to keep in mind in order to choose your approach to the best casino in singapore.

Obviously, if you do not know the backgammon strategies yet, we recommend that you read them carefully on this page, before starting your game.


A doubt that often worries many amateurs is that of missing important opportunities. All professional players will tell you that losing chances is absolutely essential if you are trying to establish a certain type of game, but you need to know where and when to lose them.

Be wary when your opponent’s home board is strong or potentially strong. The more points made on its internal board, the more difficult it will be to escape. Among the Backgammon strategies, losing chances early in the game is not very risky.


Another of the Backgammon strategies that we want to recommend is exposure. If you manage to have good rolls early in the game and are able to evade the rear checkers (for example, a 6-5 open roll followed by a 6-4 or 6-3), you should immediately start adopting. the strategy of exposure or also known as a “running game”.

By having a premature advantage in the race and continuing to move your checkers forward as fast as possible, you must try to take advantage of this advantage. This strategy is recommended when you have a substantial advantage or have obtained good numbers at the beginning of the game (for example double 5, or double 6).

Block the game

The “Blocking Game” strategy is mainly used when your opponent has rolled significantly better numbers than yours and your only chance of winning is to keep some checkers and wait for the blot (a blot is the situation where a pawn stands alone on one of the points), hoping to prevent your opponent from leaving his home board.

It is therefore necessary to wait and trap him when the time comes. This is one of the so-called “defensive” Backgammon strategies and requires some lucky rolls of the dice, but remember: luck is an integral part of the game!

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Back Game

Back Game is not exactly one of the backgammon strategies, but more of an extreme attempt to win from a significant disadvantage.

The chances of winning from a “back game” are not many: this type of game should only be used in desperate situations. Adopting a “back game” means establishing two or more defensive anchors with the aim of keeping the points as long as possible, in order to expose the opponent to a blot.

The idea behind the blot is to contain it behind a prime and thus block the opponent. The “back game” can be one of the most effective Backgammon strategies of winning a gammon or a backgammon if the dice are in your favor.

The anchor

Anchoring is one of the key positions and one of the most common backgammon strategies. It simply means establishing a defensive spot on the opponent’s home board.

Practice is essential because it allows you to safely re-enter the board if you are hit, and prevents the opponent from creating their own board in preparation for elimination. At the beginning of the game you should try to establish anchors on the higher points (20, 21, also called “advanced anchors”).

If you find yourself in the queue in the race, the lowest points (22, 23, 24) should be the best target for anchor placement, as your strategy is to build your home board and wait for the next opportunity to hit. the opponent and make the blot. In carrying out this type of backgammon strategy, two anchors on adjacent points can be very helpful.

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